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Information on PPC vs SEO

Pay Per Click (PPC) vs Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PPC is a fast way to give some quick marketing for you business online. You may see when you are going to Google search the ads come in the right hand column. Those ads are based on the keywords so you are actually able to just pay for that space and people click through those ads and go to your site.

PPC is basically traditional marketing where you pay for your ads whereas SEO is you are building future marketing for your site.

The most important role of PPC is off course increased online sales. It can also helps with branding awareness. Also in organic search results it can increase the credibility and to get ached of ...........

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Why Digital Marketing is so Important

Why Digital Marketing is so Important now a Days

Recently it is becoming one of the hottest topics of argument, whether digital marketing is becoming the most potent implement of marketing! As per many in the present marketing scenario traditional marketing hardly exists and digital marketing has suppressed traditional marketing.......

It was told that when traditional marketing decremented approx. 160% over the last few years; digital marketing expense has been incremented virtually over 14%. It is found that several magazines, newspapers also commenced their digital publications to perpetuate their presence in the market......

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How to rank 1st in Google

Efficiently Position Your Website in SERPs with Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets were introduced to the SERPS in 2014. Google stated that this new addition in SERP will help people to discover more easily what they are seeking. “Featured Snippets” are mainly designed to give specific answers to question-related search queries. This featured snippet is in the position 0 for SERPs, that means it will appear above position one, & even above ......

During assessing page structure and layout, there is a subtle, yet strategic way to utilize images in an SEO-amicable manner (beyond ALT tags) that ameliorates your search rank while sanctioning you to integrate the compulsory marketing message(s). Are you confused? Let’s visually......

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