10 Surprising Website Statistics 2021: How your Website Costing Customers

Here are the 10 most surprising website statistics 2021. Find how with these website statistics 2021, your website costs customers. We all know a well-developed website is always priceless. So, without having a good quality website is actually might cost huge business loss. 

Check out the list of the top 10 most surprising website statistics 2021 which will be beneficial to know while developing a website. 

Complete List of 10 Surprising Website Statistics 2021 :

According to the statistics, users create an opinion about your website in around 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds). This decides whether they like your site or not and if they’ll remain or go. What does the above surprising website statistic imply?

As they say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but in the case of websites, it is subjected to a high level of quick judgments that rapidly impact credibility impressions. Hence having a good quality website should always be the priority. Attractive modern website development ensures the first great impression to the website visitors.

Why so?

It’s only a question of making a decision. There are often many search results for every given search query that meet the user’s requirements. It’s a matter of basic economics:

  1. Another website statistics 2021 is 57% of internet users said they will not suggest a company with a badly designed mobile website!

What it all means:

So, here’s where responsive web design comes in:

i. Websites that are not mobile responsive are inherently bad design since they do not give an ideal user experience.

ii. No business wants their website visitors to be hesitant to suggest them.

  1. If the content or appearance of a website is unappealing, 38% of people will abandon it!

What it all means:

Even books with fantastic covers can be abandoned halfway through. Make certain that your website is well-designed and well-structured from beginning to end.

  1. While talking about surprising website statistics 2021 it has been found that 88% of online buyers are less inclined to return to a site!

What it all means:

The solution is usually very easy if your website hasn’t been updated or rebuilt in 5 years: Use some website design suggestions to develop a contemporary, responsive website.

  1. Images always play an important role in website statistics. If images fail to load or take too long to load, 39% of people will abandon a website!

A website should be updated and restored with faulty photos else that might harm the organizations’ impression. Another important thing is image loading time is also very crucial. Images may slow down a site if that is not optimized properly and this might lead to again user abandonment.

  1. For an average website, 47% of users expect a loading time of no more than 2 seconds!

Attractive, high-resolution photos might be very tempting, but they might drastically reduce website usability in the case of website speed. It might affect SEO also.

  1. Consumers agree to judge a company’s trustworthiness based on the look of its website 75% of the time.

Your corporate website is about displaying brand credibility then developing a website with an attractive updated design should be the first step. Also having good quality content and images may help you to build a good brand image.

  1. Users look at textual material on a website for an average of 5.59 seconds.

Considering that visitors spend an average of 5.59 seconds each page reading written content, this material must be as effective as possible in depicting your business in a flattering manner and directing them to the pages they need to visit.

  1. A large number of small companies lack a call to action button on the homepage.

CTA button type may vary depending on the business category you operate, but if the homepage lacks one, there are high chances that people will simply leave.

  1. According to one research, 94% of unfavorable website feedback was due to poor design.

According to research, it is found that great first impressions can be created through modern design. This is very important information while we are talking about website statistics 2021.

People make decisions about the trustworthiness of a website in less than a second. The most reasonable method you can influence this choice is through design. With a few easy adjustments, you can ensure that your website does not appear like it was developed in 2000 such as making sure your photos are from this decade and your typefaces are either also modern.

Sum up:

An attractive, well-built website is a magnet of criticism that ensures how users see the organization as a whole. A poor website may severely damage a firm’s credibility, whilst a good website can assist a company to expand its sphere of influence and generate leads.

Responsive web design is equally important in this case. If a visitor needs to pinch to zoom in and out on your website, they are likely to abandon it. The difference between these two outcomes might be as easy as making changes that alter how people view your website the first time they engage with it. First impressions on a website are precious. So, make sure to provide the best first impression to your visitors.

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