Being the Best Software Development Company in Kolkata we can help you with software development services at an best price in the market. Strengthen businesses with top-tier software development services, allowing them to tap into a talented pool of resources in order to transform their businesses and withstand modern technology changes. Stand to benefit by hiring software development companies in India, who have a proven track record of providing impeccable services and custom offerings such as design and development, testing, legacy application migration, software and product development services, and more.

As one of the best software development company in Kolkata, from India to global locations, we provide software development services with a dedicated team of competent developers who ensure streamlined business processes, productivity, and profitability.


As Best Software Development in Kolkata our software development services are provided from India to global locations by a dedicated team of competent developers who ensure streamlined business processes, productivity, and profitability.

Companies of all sizes, from small to medium to enterprise, outsource a significant portion of their software development to India for a variety of reasons, including,

1.Save money
2.Save money
3.Save time
4.Save time
5.Professional resource team that can be scaled
6.Risk reduction

Companies are encouraged to outsource their operations to different locations in order to broaden their reach and strategically drive their business forward. Benefits arise from contracting with a software development company in a variety of ways, including reduced costs on individual processes, adoption of cutting-edge technology, concurrent process execution, increased productivity, and other beneficial outcomes.


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The College Management Software is a collection of technologies that enables the organization to run the institute efficiently. The first major benefit is that as a college , you can keep a proper record or track of student data. This comprises processes/activities such as student fees, examination records, transportation services supplied by the school and utilized by students, notice of parents regarding PTM dues, student attendance, and student use of libraries and other college facilities. With a student’s unique identification number, a college can access this data and more. Students, in addition to the administrative department, can utilize this system/ERP to keep track of their dues and class schedules. With the use of our college management software , you will have to do less paperwork, and your admin department will no longer have to spend lengthy hours writing/typing all of the information/data of the students and others in the institution on excel sheets or registers! Our College Management software ensures that you can access data in a matter of seconds, which would be impossible without such a management system in place at college.

We take pride in providing an efficient, well-informed service to our clients while ensuring that all our team will work with integrity to deliver the best results for our clients. This has been ingrained in our company’s culture since its inception.



Each project is furnished and delivered by hands experienced by years of comprehensive industry experience.


Assurance of creative quality work without sacrificing on consistency which helps to increase effectiveness and productivity.


We pledge a quicker return to ROI through the committed implementation of digital online marketing strategies.

Here are some common questions business owners asks to know how a Software can benefit your business

What technology specializations does ViaPocket use?

Our developers all have advanced certifications and years of experience developing software in a variety of primary languages and frameworks. This enables them to consider all available options when deciding on the best technology platforms for your software project.

What is the cost of software development & support?

No two customer projects are alike, & we treat each customer project as unique. However, our team has worked on enough projects to identify commonalities that can help us price your project. It enables us to provide an estimate that is always competitive & offers excellent value. Please contact us for more information.

How long it'll take to see a difference ?

This question’s answer is dependent on your project. After contacting us, the first step is to schedule a free on call meeting. This meeting gives us a better understanding of the scope of your project.

This question’s answer is dependent on your project. After contacting us, the first step is to schedule a free on call meeting. This meeting gives us a better understanding of the scope of your project.

We can provide preliminary cost details and a timeline once we understand your software requirements. Because extenuating circumstances can change the delivery schedule, the timeline is always a range. We will then provide an implementation plan for your project, as well as the steps we propose taking before beginning work on your software solution. This may include presentations, specification documents, and more in-depth discussions that allow us to present a final, accurate cost summary.

Is there any ongoing fee upon completion of project?

This is also determined by the specifications established for your project. There will be no charge if you no longer require our assistance. However, fees for items such as ongoing hosting, service level agreements, and domain name renewals may apply.

Do you offer software support and maintenance?

We offer a comprehensive service level agreement that guarantees the level of support from the moment your solution is activated. This includes the retention of team knowledge, background system maintenance, and general user software support.

How does we ensure that deadlines are met?

The proposal is used to ensure that projects do not fall behind schedule. The proposal includes documentation that ensures we fully understand all software task deliverables, allowing us to guarantee what and when will be delivered.

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Because the majority of people now have mobile phones and use the internet to search for services and products, it has become necessary for businesses to have a website where people can contact you for profit. We offer the best software development services in Kolkata, allowing you to start with a very simple website that is easy, quick, and inexpensive, and then upgrade and scale it to any level. ViaPocket Solutions is one of the best offshore software development company in Kolkata, with a proven track record of successfully delivering a wide range of software to our clients, from simple to complex. Our development teams have extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of technologies, allowing us to provide our clients with software that is up to date with the latest technological trends and is easily upgradable to meet future needs. Our software solutions run smoothly on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices and are subjected to a rigorous quality and testing process to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality and most reliable applications. We are also a well-known name in providing offshore website development services to our international clients in India, ensuring that they receive world-class quality at best market price.


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