We are a Digital marketing company who can provide you the best online marketing solutions at an affordable price. Being a trusted digital marketing company we can provide you one stop solutions for digital marketing services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Video Marketing and many more. If you are looking for a ROI driven digital marketing services then we help you with a strategic digital marketing plan that fits your need.

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✔️ More Customer Reach and Competitor Analysis. ✔️ Measure your Investment. ✔️ Improvement Scope of Strategies. ✔️ Better Customer Engagement. ✔️Increase Sale.


As Best Digital Marketing Company – ViaPocket can help you with various digital marketing services in Kolkata that can be the fastest way to give some quick marketing for your online business. Digital marketing company in Kolkata offers ethical and transparent marketing approaches that allows us to help you to reach out from the mass.

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As Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata we can assure you that Search engine optimization is a method that used to obtain a higher ranking in Google or any other search engines as Bing etc. This process can be either paid or organic which helps to get a higher ranking in Google also. This is basically an algorithm-driven results on a given search engine. SEO Provider ViaPocket is an online marketing expert with a vast experience in 360 degree online marketing with a passion for innovation & brand strategy, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and web analytics.

Being the best digital marketing company in Kolkata we noticed that in case of company’s first start out, their main concern is usually how to get their first customers through the door. Instead of best digital marketing services in Kolkata, Traditional types of advertisement, such as newspaper ads and coupon mailers, as well as large signs on the side of the road, can be used. They will believe that because they know they have a good product or service, consumers will find their way to them in due time without any digital marketing services.

Although as the best digital marketing company in Kolkata all we can say this strategy through bring in a small amount of revenue, there is a better and more convenient way. There are the vast online market of potential customers and this large marketplace should not be overlooked by any company, regardless of how fresh or old it is.



Each project is furnished and delivered by hands experienced by years of comprehensive industry experience.


Assurance of creative quality work without sacrificing on consistency which helps to increase effectiveness and productivity.


We pledge a quicker return to ROI through the committed implementation of digital online marketing strategies.

What makes us different from other digital marketing companies in Kolkata is that we cut the fluff — everything we do is from a business owner’s viewpoint and is directly related to enhancing the web presence. No fancy jargon, no smoke, no mirrors, no “super-secret sauce.”


As Best Digital Marketing Company the most exciting aspect of our work is developing innovative strategies, tactics, and approaches to assist our clients in growing their businesses. Consider the following examples:
Here are some common questions business owners asks to know how a ROI based Digital Marketing Services can benefits.

How long will it take to get expected results?

The answer no one wants to hear: it depends.

But in reality it truly does depends on where the problem area is, how big of an issue it is, and what the objective is. Except these there are also some crucial factors as: Competition Level for the targeted keywords in the targeted location. Completely changing the Google search results does take time because there are many details that go into changing what Google sees as the ‘perfect assortment’ in the results.

Google doesn’t change the search results very quickly anymore; we used to be able to completely shake up the search results in 3 months, then we had to change that to 6 months, and now it takes around 9 months to make a significant impact on Google search results. We see many incremental changes along the way, but Google is hesitant to shift away from the status quo. For improving Google review scores, we’ve improved scores by 2-points in a month, and we’ve also had projects extend over a year when they are particularly tricky. Every project is unique, so unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question.

Why is keyword research important?

Keyword research is widely regarded as the foundation of any SEO campaign. While keyword research is not the only way to improve rankings, it is fundamentally important. Keyword research is used in SEO campaigns to determine what keywords competitors are ranking for and which words or long-tail phrases should be targeted for on-site optimization. Without conducting keyword research, It can be difficult to determine what your target audience is looking for and how to optimize your site accordingly.

Why do I need to start focusing on so many different types of digital marketing strategies?

Because opportunities for digital marketing are expanding as target audiences visit more online platforms, it is critical to focus on a variety of strategies. Today, a single-minded approach to digital marketing will exclude large portions of an audience, making it impossible for a site to remain competitive.

Digital marketing must be a multifaceted strategy that includes site optimization, social media, lead generation, inbound marketing, content creation, and much more.

Does web design affect SEO?

A website’s structure and design can have an impact on its rankings and overall traffic. Web design must provide a user-friendly and easily navigable site structure with design/content that users can understand and interact with. Site hierarchy and overall aesthetic can have a significant impact on your site’s bounce rate and, as a result, the effectiveness of your other SEO efforts. Our team of highly skilled web designers at ViaPocket can help your site attract more traffic while also building your brand.

Which one is better organic rankings or PPC ?

Completely depends according to the budget and time. Organic rankings are those that are obtained as a result of natural traffic to the site; in other words, site generated traffic based on the services it provides, the brand recognition you’ve established, your use of white hat SEO tactics, and so on. This is a long term activity and can take months to get a stable result.

PPC on the other hand, is an advertising platform where businesses pay to run ads on their websites. These ads will appear on the top or sidebars of a search results page and will be labelled as non-organic. This service is a good tool for targeting niche audiences based on specific keyword searches, and it only works on a pay-per-click basis.

How does we ensure that deadlines are met?

The proposal is used to ensure that projects do not fall behind schedule. The proposal includes documentation that ensures we fully understand all task deliverables, allowing us to guarantee what and when will be delivered.

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Being leading digital marketing company in Kolkata India we provide best Digital Marketing services in Kolkata India at an affordable package. As your trusted partner ViaPocket is the most admired Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata India and has always provides proven results to the businesses through Digital Marketing Services such as SEO, SMO, PPC and lot more. Our Google certified professionals uses customized solutions for your website to rank higher in Google. We at ViaPocket always try our best to meet our customer expectations and satisfaction in terms of top Digital marketing services as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC etc. Our cost-effective packages include Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google PPC services and many more that will meet the vision of your business genuinely. We bring transforming ideas with the best services to meet your expectations. We, as a best digital marketing company in Kolkata believe that together we begin and together we can progress that will help us to find the success altogether. Our cost-effective packages of Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many more services will meet the vision of your business genuinely.


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    In our best online marketing or digital marketing services plan there are no long-term contracts, hidden fees, or shenanigans. All pricing plans are affordable and reasonable for all types of businesses.
    18.5K /MO

    Keywords Plan : Upto 15
    Keywords Top 10 Guarantee* :  20%

    In-Depth Site Analysis
    Duplicate Content Check
    Competition Analysis
    Keyword Analysis

    28.9K /MO

    Keywords Plan : Upto 25
    Keywords Top 10 Guarantee* :  25%

    In-Depth Site Analysis
    Duplicate Content Check
    Competition Analysis
    Keyword Analysis

    41.8K /MO

    Keywords Plan : Upto 40
    Keywords Top 10 Guarantee* :  30%

    In-Depth Site Analysis
    Duplicate Content Check
    Competition Analysis
    Keyword Analysis


    We are motivated by a desire to discover new strategies, innovate, and experiment of online marketing or digital marketing services. Our mission is to improve our customers’ reputation, performance, and positioning.


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