How to do digital marketing for your company

Know how you can digital marketing for your company to increase the growth of your brand.


Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata has evolved at a high rate. In the past two years, some marketers also assume that marketing has improved more than in the previous fifty years.
Digital marketing in Kolkata has been adopted by the majority of startups these days. But not all the resources in their armories that digital marketers have are equally effective. The bull’s eye is struck by some digital marketing tactics, while others don’t even come close.
Do you know how digital marketing company in Kolkata can help and which digital marketing strategy you should follow to increase your company’s growth? Without any further delay, let’s dive in and find 8 of the best digital marketing tactics for startups.

After reading this post, you’ll get a good picture of profitable digital marketing strategies for your startup.


According to a survey, 90% of advertisers have reported that social media is important to their companies. 89% of advertisers have reported that their social media campaigns had resulted in increased visibility for their businesses. These days, social media has become a strong marketing tool.

The following is a list of the benefits of social media marketing:

  • Raises exposures and traffic
  • Social media marketing is creating loyal customers
  • Increases search ranking and generates leads
  • Develops thought leadership
  • Increased revenue

While businesses are increasingly embracing social media marketing, not all of them are doing it in the right way. Many of them create fatal marketing failures in social media.

How do you prevent social media marketing mistakes?

  • Choose right Social Media Platform. Just because one company is having big success on Facebook, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the same success on Facebook.
  • A good social media marketing company in Kolkata will first analyze your potential customer base and then start developing a social media strategy for your company.


Pay-per – click (PPC) marketing is a way of using search engine ads to attract traffic to your website. PPC is an effective marketing method to generate sales leads.

  • You can hit your clients with the right ad at the right time.
  • High ROI as you would just have to pay when an interested person clicks
  • Monitor how much you want to spend
  • You’re not going to have to wait for results
  • Data and observations to help sharpen other marketing strategies;

PPC campaigns easily consume the budget. So it takes some kind of experience to build a effective campaign that produces more conversions than clicks.


You’ve designed a website with an amazing design, and you’ve created service pages for all the services you’re providing. And you think the tourists are coming. Right? It’s false!
There are hundreds of websites in your niche on their own. How does your website come to the top when potential customers are looking for keywords that are important to your business?
This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a key role. Search engine optimization not only improves traffic on your website, but also creates confidence.
If your website ranks high in search results as your potential customers search for keywords relevant to your products or services, it gives the impression that you are a reputable business.
Search engine optimization is a must for any startup. Just make sure to follow the best SEO practices on your website. However, there are many problems facing startups involving SEO.


Here are some of the reasons why startups should follow an influencer marketing approach:

  • The majority of consumers have become immune to conventional marketing platforms
  • Marketing power is cheaper than other advertising tactics.
  • Promotion of influencers is easy-to-implement
  • Word-of – mouth component of influencer marketing builds confidence in your brand
  • Consumers can engage with your brand due to the credibility of the influencers.

You cannot be able to rope major influencers when you start your company. If that is the case, you can find the micro-influencers for your startup. Believe me, my mate; influencer marketing will make a huge difference if it’s done effectively.


Content marketing has become a must for company these days, whether you are operating in the B2B or B2C domain.
Look at the following figures from the Content Marketing Institute: 90% of B2C companies are extremely / very dedicated to content marketing, and 88% of B2B marketers believe that content marketing is an essential aspect of their marketing programmers.


When you map your marketing strategy to meet the various stages of your purchaser’s path, you create meaningful content that your target audience would love to read because it will solve their problems. This effectively creates confidence and increases conversion rates. By implementing content marketing strategies for your start-up, you can:

  • Raise awareness of your brand
  • Establish long-term relationships with your customers
  • Boost brand awareness and brand recognition
  • Establish faith and authority
  • Build thought leadership;

As an added bonus, the SEO and SMO activities are sponsored by content marketing. You’ll have more material for your blog and social media updates on your website. You should note that content marketing seldom produces fast results. It takes time to start seeing the effects of content marketing. But the effect it has on offer is long-lasting.


You started your startup because you were sure of your business concept. Why? Why? It was your business idea, but you believed it. But your future customers may not be reassured when they first visit your website. They need one or more nudges before they truly become your clients. Retargeting ads are doing the nudging. What’s a retargeting ad, and how does it work? Retargeting is a marketing technique in which you display relevant ads to people who have previously visited your website. When a prospective customer visits your website, a pixel (a discreet piece of JavaScript) is put on their web browser. In other words, the browser of your future customer is fried. And when this customer visits other websites, the pixel is notified to the retargeting network and the related ads are sent to the customer on the basis of the pages he / she has visited on your website. With successful retargeting ads, you can convert visitors who have previously shown interest in your goods or services and improve your conversion rate.


Despite forecasts of its demise in the marketing world, emails are still around and provide a decent return on investment (ROI) to marketers. The great thing about email marketing is that you don’t have to break the bank to run an email campaign. While email marketing is highly efficient, not all startups are capable of taking advantage of the true power of email marketing. Yet some of the brands have excelled in email marketing. Here are some tips for building an effective email marketing campaign:

  • Much depends on the subject line – making it catchy, engaging and satisfying.
  • Stop jargon in your e-mail copy – write in straightforward, convincing words.
  • Split up text so that it’s easy to search – use bullets and subheading
  • Talk about the advantages that you are going to bring
  • Customize email for mobile devices

Building a successful startup is an uphill battle with fierce competition in today’s business world. However, you will stand out from the crowd by selecting the right digital marketing tactics. Email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per – click advertisements, search engine optimization, retargeting ads, influencer marketing, content marketing, viral marketing and affiliate marketing have been shown to generate a high ROI.

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