Know how blogging helps your website to get more organic search traffic from google.

Getting organic search traffic

As the best digital marketing company in Kolkata India, we can assure you that you need organic traffic for your website to get a better search engine ranking. So, do you need more organic search traffic to your site? I can assume of course the answer will be yes – we all do need more organic search traffic as Organic search traffic helps to grow a website and business.

Two Organic Ways

In digital marketing there can be two organic ways to promote your website one is either you can follow tortoise; be like one day Search Engines will value your website with your existing digital marketing effort. Or you can push your website by putting some effort into creating some great content with the help of your digital marketing company.

Written Content Plan

But it is highly recommended that there should be a written content marketing strategy to get success. Any business cannot create successful content without any proper content writing plan. Besides it also helps you to be focused on your objectives.

#Writing Tips: Whenever you are writing anything better try to write something valuable, interesting content and make sure that your valuable customers can reach that content. Such as you can use some visual images and link it to the related pages and get content credit for both sides.

Different publishing content type

As the best digital marketing company in Kolkata India apart from blogging here are some other features we can suggest you to get more organic traffic such as,

  •  Posts on other sites in your niche called Guest Post
  •  Publishing some press releases kind of content to such types of websites.
  •  Posting articles on high-quality article directory sites.
  •  Posting videos on channels as Vimeo or your YouTube channel etc.

Do not Spam !!

Here one must remember any content you are posting should be published on a high-quality reputed and authentic site else it may harm your brand name as well as SEO.

If you post any content on any Spammy website your site will also be counted as a spammy one by the search engines. So, all we can say a well-planned content marketing strategy will help you to avoid falling into the mad rush to publish more and more content. You act as a driver in SEO so that you will be able to focus more on lead generation and conversions Rate Optimization.

Now here is the checklist of how you can create a written content strategy:


A. Determine Goals: What are your goals?

Specify goals and how you will be able to measure your progress (i.e., metrics).

B. What types of content will you produce?

It is important to make sure that the type of content you are delivering is actually what your target audience wants to see.

C. What kind of systems will you adopt for publishing your content?

The system is required repeatable routines and suitable steps to complete a complex task. It will help you to save time and write your content more quickly, so you can always stay on schedule.


A. Who is your target audience?

Determine target groups to understand your audience and what they need or looking for.


A. Decide where these contents will be published?

It is obvious you will be publishing your own content on your website, besides you may also want to reach out to other third-party websites or utilize other marketing platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, and Slide share, etc.


A. How often will you publish your content?

Here consistency is the key. And one must follow the specific timeline of publishing content. It is recommended to produce one well-written, high-quality article a week consistently instead of publishing every day for a week and then publishing nothing for a long time.


Last, all we can say, once you make a well-documented content marketing plan for your business website, you will find it easier to publish some great content systematically. This plan will help your site to grow faster and it will also increase the organic search for your website.

If you are also looking for a strategic digital marketing plan for your business website let us know to get the best suitable plan for you.

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