Efficiently Position Website with Google Rich Snippets

Efficiently Position Website with Google Rich Snippets

Do you know you can rank your website in Google featured rich snippets more efficiently if you follow these steps? Before explaining the steps for it first know what is Google Rich Snippets ?

What is Google Rich Snippets ?

Google Rich Snippets were introduced to the SERPS in 2014. Google stated that this new addition in SERP will help people to discover more easily what they are seeking. “Featured Snippets” are mainly designed to give specific answers to question-related search queries. This featured snippet is in the position 0 for SERPs, that means it will appear above position one, & even above many advertisements also.

During assessing page structure and layout, there is a subtle, yet strategic way to utilize images in an SEO-amicable manner (beyond ALT tags) that ameliorates your search rank while sanctioning you to integrate the compulsory marketing message(s). Are you confused? Let’s visually examine an example:

“I have only been working with this agency for a few months but I would recommend them without hesitation. Their client support has been outstanding and they have exceeded all of my prospects. I have worked with many SEO companies but none of them can compare to them.”

Assume that you operate a peregrinate site & you opt for optimizing a given page for the term “Bangkok hotel”. Also assume that you additionally want to include an enticing marketing message like “Book now and preserve 20%!” The above-mentioned tagline lacks descriptive text, but has persuasive features. That being verbalized, you may also want to place the tagline in an image & the key phrase (i.e. Bangkok hotel) in a header tag. This places emphasis on the desired term, yet it provides a marketing prospect without give in the keyword consistency.

In further words, images are a great place to insert promoting messages that lack the essential keywords and phrases. Leveraging this technique will determine that descriptive text is indexed, while less marketing jargon is ignored. The coalescence of keyword-opulent content and enticing messaging will gratify both sides of the planned equation.

Types of Google snippets

    • Paragraph Snippet :

Includes a few lines of text along with a picture.

  • Table Snippet: Generated by Google when it sees a graph which answers a query.
  • List Form Snippet : Categorized the bulleted or numbered information in short steps
  • Video Snippet : When Google thinks that the content may aid the user, it comes in google SERPs

How to get Featured Snippets

Google snippets are basically a window into how Google & consumers, want you to structure your website content.

Few helpful way to get rich google snippets

  • Best practice to optimize featured snippet is to provide the maximum amount of related info while appealing the customer to read more.
  • List snippet is gained by creating a list and categorizing that list by H3’s.
  • Enhancing video snippet is not also very difficult, but as always, you need to have a proper planning and you need to seen as convincing. One should establish transcript into small parts while optimizing with long-tail keywords in the introduction, which you’ll paste into the description too.
  • Form the content into short sentences and paragraphs, each having not more than 40 – 50 words.
  • Strategy posts in FAQ style.
  • Include a how-to section.
  • Construct the content short paragraphs form, having a question in subheading, include a long-tail keyword also.

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