Know all about Viral Marketing as it types, How it works, Its advantages and disadvantages etc.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is a way or process through which any news or message spreads fast. The term ‘viral’ comes from the word ‘virus’ as the news spreads like a virus. Anything can be viral if it attracts the targeted audience’s attention. This type of message involves creativity and mental effort so that content can be spread hugely in a shorter time. Nowadays it becomes very popular in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Why this kind of Viral Marketing is required?

Any message can spread in the speed of the wind and gets the spotlight and attracts a huge audience. It may center on the lifestyle of any celebrity, sportsperson, political leaders, scholars. It may focus on creative, humorous jokes made by someone on eminent personalities. It may concentrate on funny, carefree activities of animals. It contains a meaningful or meaningless message depending on its usage and application. Creativity and preparation play an important role here. It depends on the stroke of luck also. A best digital marketing company in Kolkata India London UK can provide such type of Viral Marketing services that can boost the online presence of content within a very short time.

Effectiveness of Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing campaigning makes something a big hit within a second. AS the content of the news is very important here every digital marketing company should be very careful while distributing the content. The best top digital marketing company agency in Kolkata India London UK we ensure the success of viral marketing.

Because it completely depends on the strategy behind it crafting a proper strategy for viral marketing is very much important. In other words, viral marketing helps news to be more appealing to readers, viewers or spectators and so strategic planning is always required that best digital marketing company in Kolkata India London Uk can provide. The message or content spreads rapidly from person to person, therefore, a specific content counted to become viral one. Networking sites are the habitat of this type of campaigning.

How to do Viral Marketing?

Most of the times creators create exciting, humorous videos on YouTube and then it is shared in FB and Insta, thus collects a lot of likes from the viewers. So users put it on the internet and plan the first action to get it moving.

Finally, if it satisfies the taste of viewers, then they start to circulate it randomly. So the news spreads like a virus. In this way, ‘viral fuse’ lights itself. Emotional drama creates havoc interest in the minds of readers and viewers.

Factors that are very important for Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is one of the most strong forms of marketing and so that one should know the different factors of it. Basically, there can be are six major factors or causes which influence a video to get viral in networking sites the most.

Check out the factors below

  • Firstly we can mention as the most important factors of viral marketing that is Social Currency– The better something makes people look, the more likely they will share it.
  • Secondly is Triggers – Things that are top of mind are more likely to be tip of the tongue.
  • The thirdly is Emotion – When we care, we share. Whatever we feel we share on the internet.
  • Next is Public– The easier something is to see, the more likely people are to imitate it.
  • After that we can mention Practical Value– People share useful information to help others.
  • Finally comes Stories – Trojan Horse stories carry messages & ideas along for the ride. For example, offering the first chapter of a book for free to those who join an email list.
  • Mobile devices also play a vital role in this kind of marketing as a mobile user can spread content much easier than others. Apart from these television, radio, cell phones, web search engines, blogs, media, specific organizations also play their part in the progress of viral campaigning.

Principles of Viral Marketing

Main three important principles of viral campaigning are

  • Social profile gathering
  • Proximity market analysis and
  • Real-time keyword density analysis.

Features of Viral Marketing

There are several features of viral marketing. The success of a good campaign depends on the usefulness of the content.

  1. The Main recipe for viral campaigning is good quality content. It should be meaningful, genuine, catchy and substantive and useful. It has to be free.
  2. Next feature is to see whether it fulfils expectations of viewers; it should attract a huge number of audiences. Emotional responses should be high.
  3. Emerging trends also matter a lot.
  4. Scope of the content should be vast.
  5. In a viral campaign statistic is a huge factor. When they are presented in visual forms, they are easier for consumers to digest, and make excellent talking points for those introducing your work.
  6. Content must be short and easy to spread by using existing networks.
  7. Credibility is very important here.
  8. It must have a correct headline which will tell people that your content has a real value.

In conclusion, all we can say It doesn’t need to cost much to produce something that people will want to share. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that resonate the most. And when done right, it can give you an excellent response.

The credibility of viral marketing provides such craze that suddenly, your brand is on everyone’s feed or it becomes the topic everyone brings up at a party. If done well, this is your ticket to instant brand awareness.

Therefore viral marketing is like an infectious disease which is spread rapidly from place to place, from person to person, thus developing the popularity of your brand. Being the best digital marketing company in Kolkata India London UK our professionally skilled team can guide you to plan the best suitable strategy to male a content viral.

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