Why digital marketing is so important now a days

Why digital marketing is so important now a days ?

Digital Marketing is one of the ultimate tool to grow your business in online to reach more potential customers and increase sales. Know why your brand needs digital marketing services.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Recently it is becoming one of the hottest topics of argument, whether digital marketing is becoming the most potent implement of marketing! As per many in the present marketing scenario traditional marketing hardly exists and digital marketing has suppressed traditional marketing.

It was told that when traditional marketing decremented approx. 160% over the last few years; digital marketing expense has been incremented virtually over 14%. It is found that several magazines, newspapers also commenced their digital publications to perpetuate their presence in the market.

So there is a bucket full of questions as how digital marketing genuinely works, what is the difference with traditional marketing, why it is in the limelight today!!

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

The world of traditional marketing includes print advertising [newsletters, flyer etc.] mainly this type of marketing has been utilized by companies for years which additionally have an ensured prosperity rate. Other form of it is television commercials, radio spots advertising a business, products or services. Being best digital marketing company in Kolkata India all we can say in a nutshell digital marketing has become the most important part of brand exposure.

On the other hand digital marketing includes marketing activities in all digital platforms like convivial media, website, YouTube videos etc. The prime goal of digital marketing is to find the concerned company. Digital marketing is virtually same as traditional one but main difference engenders as it is a form of promotion in digital platforms that provides below mentioned advantages to become most popular form of marketing.

1.   Convenient & cost effective option for small business

There are two forms of digital marketing – organic or paid. When traditional marketing concludes a sizably voluminous investment, digital marketing if it’s paid then withal costs far less than traditional marketing. Besides it provides another scope for organic or non-paid version of marketing additionally. So mainly in a different manner we can verbally express that digital marketing is more cost efficacious than traditional one. This type of marketing not only subsidiary and efficacious to the marketers but for customers additionally.

Because of above verbalized cost efficacious nature digital marketing becomes most popular to the minute businesses withal to reach targeted audience.

2.   Broad Reach

In present days maximum consumers are consuming required information from online. So digital marketing has become the best way to reach maximum potential customer.

3.   Unlimited Scope of Growth

Digital marketing is not just about promoting a business website; it is lot more than this. It’s about engendering a unique brand identity which required congruous marketing strategy by accentuating potential customers and utilizing opportune implements.

4.   Upgraded Version of Marketing

This kind of marketing provides an advanced chance to be one step ahead from the competitor. Simple rule of this kind of marketing is the more one will learn the better result will achieve.

5.   Real Time Basis Easy Traceable Results

The result of digital marketing is possible to track very facilely as there are sundry available implements to track the same most efficiently. Through Internet marketing, one can facilely trace,

  • The volume of visitors to the website
  • Actual number of subscribers has incremented
  • Trading times that can be targeted as peak time.
  • Conversion ratio.
  • Status of website traffic i.e. increment or drop
  • Client attrition rate i.e. lower or higher and many more

6.  Strategic Plan With Market Research and Analytics

By using digital marketing one can collect the exact data also as website visitors or web traffic. There is another option named Google analytics by which one can calculate various important information such as

  • Visitors in the business page.
  • Visitor’s geographic location, the sex, age, interests, spending rate in internet, source of web traffic, change on web traffic etc.

This kind of market research & analysis always helps to make proper strategy of marketing.

7.   Earn People’s Trust and Build Brand Reputation

We already ken very well social media act as leverage for digital marketing for all kinds of presence and proofs in social media, Testimonials accumulated from verified customer, reviews rating any feedback everything verbalizes about the brand, in which people would trusts. And these activities are visible to all off course which increase the goodwill value of a brand.

8.  Content Performance along with Lead Generation

In case of traditional marketing, suppose one make brochures and then proceed to distribute it in various offices but there is no such way to track how many people actually saw the material but if one get an meaningful visual internet content and find continuous online promotion. it will get more engagement and impressions and will be more efficacious to get strong impact.

Once you started getting an impactful visual content, start promoting it on social media. Through such networks, buyers would be able to learn about products. Through digital marketing as stated earlier one can track the visitor’s background and other details as well. It provides better chance of lead generation also.

9.  Conversion Rate Optimization

By doing effective online marketing is very useful to convert a customer as all one is need to plan an opportune strategy of engaging people. The more the vigorous marketing plan for targeted customer, the better chance of amending conversation ratio. Digital marketing also provide two way option of conversion with customers and as well as with leads.

10. Competitor Analysis

It very conspicuous that to compete in the market in a clear strategic manner. Business owners have to be cautious about their competitors. Digital marketing provides a most scientific way to analysis an integral portion of marketing activity and it withal provide a scope to survey the competitors marketing strategy. Thus digital marketing has become one of the most important forms of marketing for marketing competition and for building a consequential marketing plan too.

Lastly all we can say that digital marketing is a cost effective marketing form in every way. Besides it provides higher ROI, market trend analysis, ability to target potential customers, get more leads, increase social media reach by social media marketing. In present scenario thus digital marketing has become the most popular form of marketing than traditional one.