Pay per click (PPC) vs search engine optimization (SEO)

Pay per click (PPC) vs search engine optimization (SEO)

PPC and SEO is two more powerful ways of digital marketing to increase digital growth of a brand in terms of visibility, customer reach, sales and many more. But what is the difference between these two and how they work. Read to know more.

What is PPC and what is the difference with SEO?

PPC is a fast way to give some quick marketing for you business online. You may see when you are going to Google search the ads come in the right hand column. Those ads are based on the keywords so you are actually able to just pay for that space and people click through those ads and go to your site.

PPC is basically traditional marketing where you pay for your ads whereas SEO is you are building future marketing for your site.

The most important role of PPC is off course increased online sales. It can also helps with branding awareness. Also in organic search results it can increase the credibility and to get ached of the competition.

How Pay-Per-Click does works?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is the most powerful tool for SEO. In the beginning allow me to describe what it is. You probably already ken how Search Engine works & how SEO can boost your online presence to get a better website ranking. Well, sometimes best SEO strategy is just not enough. The Keywords you want to optimize could be facing some really tough competition and you are completely unable to make it to the top results or you can just use PPC. Basically even if your SEO is not strong enough your link appears in a search results pays thinks to PPC ads and because you only pay for click this form of advertising is very effective. When you think about it only people interested in your offer will click on the add and you only pay for these relevant visitor.

Now compare this to the traditional advertising. Do you also just pay for people who ever actually read your newspaper adds? Notice the difference and now you can that you can get more customers from PPC. The Tricky part comes here. Do you genuinely ken what keywords you should optimize the campaign for, when to commence it and when to stop? Do you know how much money to invest actually to get results? So here we come to help you. Our PPC strategy is not only evolved keywords research, timing and budgeting, but we can also help with the ad text, Landing pages and the overall settings. Another reason for hiring us that e constantly monitor, evaluate all active campaign to refines and to improve the results.

Budget for PPC

You can control your budget for PPC all way down to on daily basis. You can spend whatever you feel comfortable. But you need to be very careful as without proper control it is possible to spend a lot very quickly.

Setting Up Goal for PPC

Setting up a goal in PPC is first important thing to do. If you don’t have a goal, you may end up bidding on keywords that don’t advance your business.

So, if people are looking for information rather that to buy a product may ends up to going to your competitor instead of going to you. So you need to rally think about what about you want people to do when they search for you and when they are search to your website.

Effective goal-setting involves accomplishing one goal at a time; by providing focus you get more visitors compare to other. You cannot be everywhere all the time but to be in a most relevant place at a time is more effective for PPC.

A clear goal also helps you to measure if you are been successful. Each goal should have its own campaign, so you can target the ad copy, landing page. Two another most important thumb rules for setting up PPC is PPC campaign should be relevant, simple.

Honestly would you have time for all this? Isn’t it better to simply rely on someone with long history of experience? So get in touch and start your PPC today. Click Here to check an useful package.

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